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Use this tag for questions pertaining to the maintenance of aircraft, including owner-performed maintenance and required inspections (annual, 100-hour, etc.)

Aircraft maintenance refers to the routine (and not-so-routine) work required to keep an aircraft in an operable and airworthy condition.

Aircraft maintenance questions can include questions about:

  • Work performed by aircraft maintenance technicians, mechanics, and repair shops
    Things like as pitot-static system tests, annual inspections, and engine overhauls)
  • Specialty shop work
    Interior refits and aircraft painting
  • Preventive maintenance
    Typically items covered under FAR 43 Appendix A and can be performed by a mechanic or a certificated pilot under 91
  • Authorized owner-performed maintenance
    Such as what can be done on a Light-Sport aircraft with a repairman's certificate, an experimental aircraft by the builder, or work on a Canadian aircraft registered as "Owner Maintenance".