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It appears to be a Douglas C-117 which is a C-47 with more powerful engines. Tail number 17191 flew out of Iceland From the linked website "Standing in front of the weather office, 17191 is ready for another flight to one of the radar stations around Iceland". The aircraft has the same KEFLAVIK and tail number markings


It's an R4D, a Naval version of the Douglas C-47/DC-3.


That’s a Douglas R4D, the Navy version of the C-47/DC-3.


Those airplanes are Jodel1050 Ambassadeur. The red one is D-EHKA. The picture has been taken at EDHS, a former military airfield built by the Luftwaffe in WW2. D-EHKA is based in EDXR (northern Germany) It has been built in 1964 in France and still flies 100-150 hours every year. Very efficient, o200A, 5 Gal/h and 100 kts cruise. Can fly up to 6 hours. Best ...


There are multiple UFO videos/photos being asked about, I think. The clearest exhibition of the phenomena I know of are from the videos Dave Fravor released. In this video/timestamp that @uhoh found, one of those "GO FAST" encounters is annotated by the "To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science" Youtube channel as from an ATFLIR ...


We know that at least one of the sensor platforms involved was a Raytheon ATFLIR, based on information from their own website: Fast forward 13 years to Dec. 16, when the New York Times published a report on the 2004 incident and a little-known Pentagon program that tracked such reports from 2007 until at least 2012. Included was the video of the possible ...


I might be a little late to the party, but my daughter just convinced me to watch this movie a couple of days ago and, being RCAF for the last 30 yrs, I noticed the red & white CF-5 right away. It’s an old 419 “Moose Sqn” colours bird. I saw it several times when I was posted to Cold Lake, AB. Sad to see these old hulks in such disrepair.


The video was taken from an F/A-18 Super Hornet. This narrows down the recording equipment to either the ATFLIR or LITENING targeting pods. These pods perform essentially the same function. These pods can provide infrared imagery like that seen in the clip. Both pods are used on American military aircraft. I can't speak to the gray levels because I'm not ...


That is a Silk Way Airlines Ilyushin Il-76. Here is a snapshot from flightradar24 from 13:03 UTC (6:33 PM IST) where the aircraft is approaching Delhi Airport:

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