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Can you identify this plane? Picture from ca1942, maybe Taylorcraft

Yes, that is a Taylorcraft BC-65, or possibly a BL-65. The configuration of the wing struts and the struts visible inside the windscreen are all consistent with B-series Taylorcraft. The greater ...
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What is the seaplane in this old photograph?

Google Image search led me to this website, which indicates it's the Pescara-Guidoni Torpedo Seaplane
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Here's another German aircraft of unknown descent?

This is Siemens-Schuckert DDr.I a World War I German twin engine, push-pull configuration triplane fighter aircraft. Only one was built, crashing on its first flight. Your picture is used on the ...
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Can anyone please identify this beauty?

This is an Oertz W6 Flugschoner (source) or "Flying Schooner", a 1916 tandem biplane. The plane took off and landed well, but had problems with control in flight, so a second pair of ...
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Can you help identify this vintage aircraft?

This is a Dornier Do D, a floatplane torpedo bomber variant of the Dornier Komet, which was built for the Yugoslav Royal Navy. It's considerably bigger than it looks in your picture! 203 served with ...
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Six Propeller Engine Military-Type Aircraft at KPHX Sky Harbor

Here's another example: 33.915550,-84.509017 You can see two C130's on the hard stand at Dobbins ARB in GA, next to the Lockheed facility. The one pinned above looks like they edited turbofan ...
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