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Does a carbon fiber fuselage suffer wear from pressurization/depressurization?

Yes, it does. CFRP's fatigue manifests through multiple mechanisms. It usually begins with matrix cracks, causing a loss of bonding, and grows through delamination, i.e. loss of adhesion between the ...
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Flying using less fuel in one tank

If anything, flying with one tank full and one at, say, 1/2 empty will increase drag, because of the aileron displacement required to offset the lateral imbalance, plus a small rudder input to ...
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How I determine numerically the pitch rate of an aircraft?

You need to do a static maneuverability analysis. This involves knowing the size of the control surfaces, calculating their effectiveness (which is not easy), some knowledge of the moments of inertia ...
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How can I calculate the C.G height for an Aircraft?

You can calculate it the same way they calculate the vertical CG on astronauts in space suits. First calculate CG with the aircraft level. Then raise the nose of the aircraft so that the deck angle ...
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How does a glider in steady descent glide with negative AoA?

In a glide, the relative wind is coming from below, giving a greater angle of attack than in level flight. In a 5 degree glide with 0 angle of incidence and a nose-level attitude, the angle of attack ...
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Is it a good idea to increase exhaust duct length?

Would the motor be more efficient at generating thrust? No. Both the inlet's and the exhaust's lengths are already optimised for cruise conditions, which is where the engine is going to spend most of ...
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Lift distribution of a swept wing with twist, dihedral, taper

The easiest way (I believe) will be to run a simple VLM aerodynamic analysis. For this, I suggest you use OpenVSP and VSPAERO. Dihedral won't change the lift distribution in a significant way (in ...
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Why does F-18 have low wing sweep?

This could get complicated pretty fast. I'm not saying that because I know all the answers. Just that you ask questions that may have a lot of overlapping reasons. The fighter could have been designed ...
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Would laminar flow airfoils work for a canard aircraft?

Well designed laminar airfoils have very benign stall characteristics. They are designed to not stall even when transition is happening very early. This can be seen in their lift curve slope which has ...
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How does the A350 variable camber system decrease drag?

To answer your specific question: The specific ability of the A350 is to extend the inboard flaps independently of the outboard flaps and to extend them by only a few degrees. The A350 has a high wing ...
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