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Are Light Sport Aircraft: Certified, Experimental or a third separate category?

Light Sport is not Experimental, (which includes amateur homebuilt aircraft, warbirds, etc.) it is a category of its own within the broader group of Certified aircraft. So it's not really a "...
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Does Boeing and Airbus perform extensive safety inspections and/or stress tests on each other's aircrafts?

No. What advantage could they possibly hope to gain by doing so? Everything there is to know about commercial airliners is available in excruciating detail, submitted to FAA and EASA in millions of ...
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Why are there separate certification rules for aircraft and engines?

Yes, engines are an integral part of the aircraft. But they are also very complex items. They are typically designed and manufactured by someone other than the airframe manufacturer. the engine ...
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What is the origin of the word 'Type-Certificate'?

The word "type" has more than definition. For example, it can also mean what you did on your keyboard to post this question... However, in this context it is defined differently and in a ...
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