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It's true, carriers typically don't have snow removal and deicing equipment (like trucks, but they do have fluid and spray equipment). They don't have this because they regularly avoid weather that could cause significant icing or snow (carriers move pretty quick and weather is somewhat predictable). But it certainly isn't unheard of that they encounter ...


Just speaking for the case of Naval variant of Tejas, it has the "Leading Edge Vortex Controller - LEVCons' as seen from the photograph, which help lowers the landing speed and maintain the landing distance around ~ 200 meters as per the following article :


The reason may be change in tactics. The 4FD was designed to intercept aircraft, and as a point defender and dogfighter, it would have been very successful in this role. But the WW2 scenario of planes appearing overhead to drop bombs changed to planes launching cruise missiles from farther away. Carrier aircraft need to go further out to intercept them, ...

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