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What is the difference between A321neo and A321neo LR?

The Airbus website is not incorrect, but there is a slight inconsistency between how the A321 LR is referred to. On one page it is marketed as a special aircraft, on the other it is implied that it is ...
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Why do the ailerons on an A320 droop when the engines are shut off and the 787 ailerons dont droop when the engines are shut off?

The A320 aileron actuators have servo valves of course, which when closed indeed allow no flow through them from pressure to return. They additionally have mode valves, which do provide a direct (...
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What is "taxi speed" for an Airbus?

The Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM) defines taxi speed as a ground speed of up to 30 kt: Taxi Speed and Braking On long, straight taxiways, and with no ATC or other ground traffic constraints, the ...
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