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Why are some A350s missing SSA probes on their nose?

@FreeMan The original post is a bit misleading, the early production aircraft would most likely not have kept the sensors to keep testing if they were needed. The modification process takes months, if ...
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Why does the A350-900 call out to retard at 20 feet above the runway?

It depends on the airframe, but in this case, I guess Airbus test pilots determined that 20 ft AGL was the best place to retard the throttles to expedite the roundout with enough energy left to do it ...
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Why is the forward fairing of the pylon very shiny and metallic in appearance in A350?

You figured it out when you wrote the question. It's because the engine nacelles are equipped with anti-icing heaters powered by air from a compressor port, and painting those areas would be counter-...
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