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(From A330 CCOM) The length of the rope is 6.7 M. The maximum load is 181 Kg (400lb).


First and foremost, you follow the directions of the flight crew and any emergency services you encounter. This takes precedent over anything anyone else tells you. Failing to do so may put your life and the lives of those around you in danger. That said, lets break this down into the possible sources of danger... Brakes and Wheels If you're evacuating ...


One rule of thumb that firefighters are taught is that the 'safe' distance for the public to be from a fire is when it appears about the same size as your hand at arm's length.


For the A320, this can be found in the CCOM (Cabin Crew Operation Manual)... So the A320 is a 5.5 meter (17.04 foot) knotted rope stored above the side cockpit windows. There are 2 ropes in the cockpit (one on each side). I can't find the CCOM for the A330 but it should be a similar size.


Many accidents have shown over and over that once the handling becomes muscle memory, the cue that having to pull harder means you are losing speed is easily missed anyway, so it's not as important as it seems. So the artificial neutral stability instead decouples the controls: stick for flight path angle, thrust levers or A/T for speed. Nice and easy and ...

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