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At what point is the input data to glass cockpit PFDs converted to digital?

Glass cockpits are modular systems, and not all of them are exactly the same. But many/most include a module called an Air Data Computer (ADC) which performs the digitalization function for the ...
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At what point is the input data to glass cockpit PFDs converted to digital?

On smaller aircraft, the conversion is done within the Air Data Computer (see TypeIA's answer). This makes replacing older steam gauges with a glass cockpit relatively simple because you just send the ...
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How does an air-data computer convert ram air pressure from the pitot tube into airspeed?

Usually there is an intermediate module ADM (air data module) that makes the conversion from analog pressure into digital numerical value. One ADM will do this for the ram air pressure, another ADM ...
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Different Engine/Prop Sizes on Same Wing/Single Craft?

The Bird Innovator was an American four-engined executive amphibious airplane modified from a Consolidated PBY Catalina by the Bird Corporation. During the late 1960s Forrest Bird and his Bird ...
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Is the Mach number shown by an Air Data Computer considered a "true" Mach number?

Indicated Mach is what your Mach indicator reads during flight. True Mach is basically indicated Mach that has been corrected for pitot-static system position error and instrument error. (Same as the ...
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Different Engine/Prop Sizes on Same Wing/Single Craft?

No need to be so complicated, as long as you pair your engines, one on either side. Putting a lighter engine nearer the wing tip may have been what Hugo Junkers had in mind with this aircraft, long ...
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How to compute the airspeed change based on the Altitude change

At the most basic level the Mach formula is: Mach = TAS/Speed of Sound The speed of sound is a slightly non-linear function of temperature: ...
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What could cause an air data computer interfaced via A429 to only display integer values?

Not sure what rate the IFD 550 expects the transmit rate to be, but from what I can find on the Shadin 2000, it's label transmit rate is configured by a switch position and can vary from 50,100, or ...
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