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I found a case of an aircraft crashing into a hangar, damaging two more aircraft, bringing the total to three. The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane had just taken off for St. Petersburg, Florida, when it crashed into the private hangar. There was no one inside the hangar at the time of the crash, but two aircraft, a helicopter and a jet were ...


The Rammstein Airshow Disaster comes to mind, where one airplane of the Italian Air Force display team collided with 2 others during a display, so 3 airplanes were involved in the collision in the air. A medivac helicopter on the ground was also destroyed, which was manned at the time, fatally injuring the pilot.


If I may paraphrase the Wikipedia article on the accident... The Fokker 100 aircraft had a safety feature to throttle back an engine in the case its thrust reverser deployed during climb or cruise. Unfortunately, there was no indicator or alarm to notify the crew of the unintended thrust reverser deployment. On the accident takeoff, a faulty switch cause ...

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