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Different aircraft engines use different fuels; the most common types are Jet A or A-1 for jet and turboprop engines, and avgas for piston engines.

Fuel injectors in GA piston engines are actually fixed nozzles, so short of fuel contamination, are not so easy to clog,since the only thing that can be deposited with clean fuel is the blue dye in … the avgas. In 8 years maintaining a fleet of 6 to 8 injected Continental engines, running 200-700 hours / year, I did not see a fuel-deposit blocked nozzle. Deposits did change the flow rate enough …
answered Apr 21 '15 by Thomas McKelvey
From my training, the limits on the PT6 use of avgas is related to its ability to lubricate the engine's fuel pumps, and the lead fouling of the hot section which will result from the avgas. I can't … say about other engine's tolerances, but some military jet fuels have much more volatile components than straight kerosene and marine gas turbines run on diesel. A turbine's fuel isn't always decided by what it can burn, but by what it's practical and economic to feed it. …
answered Mar 5 '15 by Thomas McKelvey