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The force acting on an aircraft in opposition to gravity which keeps the aircraft in the air.

5 votes
2 answers

Will air accelerate over a wing and generate lift, if the air has zero viscosity? [duplicate]

Will the wing produce any lift under these conditions? …
  • 1,359
1 vote
4 answers

Is increase in lift allways follwed by increase in drag and vice versa?

lift at same fixed AoA compare to same wing without slots. … tell: Lift up = drag up, Lift down=drag down, Notes before answer: This is case where lift dont have to be equal weight Stall is caused by closing slots,not by increasing AoA, AoA is fixed in both …
  • 1,359
0 votes
2 answers

Help with calculate forces from pressure distribution

Can you explain how calculate lift,drag,total force and read this pressure distribution diagrams? …
  • 1,359
1 vote
3 answers

Does Cd number change at different speeds during wind tunnel testing?

When meassure Cd or Cl of airplane/car in wind tunnel, does number change at different speeds, for example at 100km/h compare to 250km/h? If yes,how much? I know from theory that coefficents change wi …
  • 1,359
1 vote

Can wingtip vortices formed around an unswept wing produce vortex lift?

This part of wing has backward orientation, so this produce more drag than lift. … Pressure leak(light blue/green color) at wing tip area reduced lift more then this little increase of lift due to vortex. End plate/winglet reduce this pressure leak. …
  • 1,359