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Procedures for navigating based on cockpit instruments rather than visual references outside the cockpit.

4 votes

When outbound from an IAF on an approach to a procedure turn, may the pilot choose whether t...

Using DME only is perfectly acceptable the FAA does not actually specify how exactly to execute the procedure turn but where and at what altitude. This is covered in the AIM: 5-4-9 Procedure Turn …
  • 97k
3 votes

Why does this holding pattern have both minimum and maximum altitudes published?

So that it keeps you under the shelf of the adjoining bravo airspace and because the decent gradient may be steep enough to require an upper limit. As discussed here: The instrument approach procedur …
  • 97k
3 votes

Does a pilot follow the PAPI lights in the same way in all categories of aircraft?

To expand a bit on @Ben's answer and considering your comments. All airplanes generally fly roughly the same final approach slope ~3° at most airports and all aircraft will follow the PAPI lights if …
  • 97k
3 votes

What should I do if I intercept the glideslope before reaching the final approach fix?

If you are above all the published altitudes for pre-FAF fixes you can intercept the GS but you must remain above the published minimum altitudes as apposed to remaining on glide slope. Approaches may …
  • 97k
10 votes

Do any aircraft have a "self-contained ILS"?

You don't need nearly all the equipment you mention. A great deal of aircraft are capable of flying GPS/RNAV approaches from big boys down to the little Piper Archer I fly. Units as small as a Garmin …
  • 97k