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If I am pushing my aircraft into the hangar with a tow bar, at night, with the engine off, am I required to activate my rotating beacon?

I know there is a similar question here: When to use beacon, anti-collision, strobe, logo, and navigation lights?, but it doesn't answer my specific question.

Do I need to have my rotating beacon on at night while I park (push) my airplane after I've turned off the engine?

It sounds like an urban legend, but someone told me they heard of someone facing disciplinary action by the FAA due to moving their airplane at night without the rotating beacon turned on, even though they were just pushing it back into the parking spot with the tow bar.

I know the AIM 4-3-23 says

Use of Aircraft Lights

a. Aircraft position lights are required to be lighted on aircraft operated on the surface and in flight from sunset to sunrise. In addition, aircraft equipped with an anti-collision light system are required to operate that light system during all types of operations (day and night).

But is pushing an aircraft into parking with the engine stopped (in a non-movement area), considered "all types of operations?"