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The Grumman X-29 was an American experimental aircraft that tested a forward-swept wing, canard control surfaces, and other novel aircraft technologies.

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What does it mean exactly when an aircraft is "35% unstable"? (aircraft stability factor)

CNN's Grumman X-29: The impossible fighter jet with inverted wings contains several interesting photos, and says: It was unflyable -- literally -- without a digital flight computer on board, which ...
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Are there any NACA airfoils that resemble the X-29's wing?

As a part of my project, I am trying to perform structural and aerodynamic analysis of a forward swept wing on an aircraft, specifically the Grumman X-29 (pictured below). I am assuming that ...
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What were the typical rotation and landing speeds of the X-29?

Looking online through all the available literature, I could not find the typical rotation ($V_r$), landing or even stall speed of the experimental forward swept wing X-29 aircraft. I'm curious to ...
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Spanwise flow and wingtip vortices in forward-swept wings

One of the benefits of forward-swept wing is that spanwise flow direction is from tip to root. However, in this answer an X-29 has quite significant sweep angle, at which drawbacks such as ...
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Why do forward-swept winged fighters have the main wings in the back?

These are the only 2 fighter jets I know of with forward-swept wings. (Su-47 and X-29, they're both still experimental). As you can see, they both have their wings in the back, not the middle. Why is ...
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What is the 'arm' at the rear of the X-29?

In this image of the Grumman X-29, there is an 'arm' just above the exhaust nozzle leading forward and, apparently, attached to the right side of the fuselage. What is this and what is it for? Source:...
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