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Use for the North American X-15 rocket-powered airplane (only within the atmosphere).

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How did the X-15 measure altitude above 86 km? [duplicate]

The 1962 standard atmosphere ended at 86 km (282,000 ft MSL), didn't it? How high was the X-15's altimeter able to work and how did it measure the altitude when going higher than the Standard ...
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Did every X-15 pilot become weightless when flying into the upper strato- and mesosphere?

The North American X-15 was aimed at breaking airspeed and altitude records. The flights that sought to achieve new airspeed records (Mach 5+) were rather leveled but the flights into the upper ...
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Did the X-15 ever conduct a point-to-point flight?

The North American X-15 rocketplane flew at up to Mach 7 and at very high altitudes, it was also capable of spaceflight but these were quite steep parabolic patterns. At Mach 7 it flew leveled and my ...
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How is altitude reached by aircraft flying above the stratosphere measured?

Aircraft flying above the stratosphere (above 30km) are rare, but there is still the X-15 and the spaceship two. For those aircraft, maximal altitude is measured to within 500 ft. As described in this ...
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Why Didn't the USSR Build An X-15?

In the history of aerospace engineering in the United States, the X-15 is lauded as a critical and necessary step on the path to manned spaceflight. Throttle-able chemical rocket propulsion systems, ...