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Aviation in World War II

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How effective was the computer-controlled gunnery on the B29?

The Boeing B29 Superfortress was equipped with multiple gun turrets which were linked to a central computerised fire control system. This training film covers the gunner's control interface, which ...
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Are there other examples of Brown-Stigler incident?

I have just finished reading A Higher Call and wondered if there are other cases where a pilot showed his mercy to the foe when they are in desperate situation. Looked through several B17 related-webs,...
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Can a plane help a second aircraft with landing gear issue mid-air?

My Father received his flight training in the Navy in 1941. He flew mostly Curtiss Wright SNC's (a model of the CW-22) and Grumman F3F's. The story I was told is hard to believe, so I'm hoping that ...
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Tail Warning Radar on the P-51

One of the "features" of the P-51 was a tail warning radar that was supposed to let pilots know if an enemy fighter was on your tail. However, a P-51 pilot told me that they generally ...
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During WWII, what did internal bomb bays and turret layout look like on flying boats?

I am writing an alternate WWII story, and I was wondering if you fine fellows on this site could help me. I am trying to make a fantasy bomber version of the USN Boeing C-98 Clipper, AKA the Boeing ...
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