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Angle of a line from root to tip, 25% of the way back from the leading edge, measured from the perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.

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Literature request for effect of Aspect Ratio and Wing Sweep on critical angle of attack?

So I'm trying to find academic literature detailing how both aspect ratio and taper ratio affect the critical angle attack of an aerofoil - namely for a v. low AR wing (AR<1), and high sweep (~75 ...
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What were the typical rotation and landing speeds of the X-29?

Looking online through all the available literature, I could not find the typical rotation ($V_r$), landing or even stall speed of the experimental forward swept wing X-29 aircraft. I'm curious to ...
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Would throttle steering of a forward-swept-winged aircraft be possible?

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, given the number of crashes that had to occur for us to figure it out), the use of throttle manipulation to control an airliner with disabled primary flight ...
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Is some sweep beneficial with taper?

I'm developing a canard glider which requires some taper for the canard to stall first. I understand that sweep is typically only for aircraft in a compressible airflow (M >= 0.3), but is there any ...
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How would I draw the Max Thickness Sweep Angle on a wing from a Top View?

I have the Max Thickness Sweep Angle, Wing Tip and Root Chord Length, and Max Thickness to Chord Ratio defined. However, I am having trouble drawing the Max Thickness Sweep Angle on the wing because I'...
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What characteristic my canard needs to have when the canard also carries a pair of engine?

I am in 3rd year Aerospace Engineering and trying to do a preliminary design of an airplane. My design has a front wing that also has an engine at its root on both side of the fuselage. There is ...
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