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Use for the structural and aerodynamic aspects.

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10 votes
6 answers

Do wings actually flex upon landing (especially hard landings)?

I have been playing some flight sims and have noticed that in some of them you get wing flex during hard landings. Is it realistic? Can wings flex upon a hard landing?
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1 answer

Wing flex physics?

What physics is involved with wing flex when in air? A simplified answer will suffice. I can understand when on the ground that a heavier wing makes it bend more down. My feeble understanding: When ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Is wing flex good?

I've noticed that the wings of the 787 and A380 tend to flex a lot. Does wing flex help an aircraft in any way?
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35 votes
3 answers

What are the effects of the Boeing 787's very flexible wings?

I recently came across this picture of the Boeing 787 series aircraft's incredible wingflex: I suppose this is a consequence of using very light CFRP wings, but how does the wingflex itself improve ...
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