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Weather means the atmospheric conditions, including wind, temperature and precipitation, in a specific area at a specific time.

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To receive an SVFR clearance, does the airport need to be reporting IFR conditions?

If conditions at a towered airport are not IFR, can pilots request a special VFR clearance? For example, at a Class D airport, ceiling 1300 broken, 10 sm visibility is technically too low to remain in ...
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What are the weather requirements to log an instrument approach?

So let's assume that I'm the sole manipulator of the flight controls in an aircraft in which I'm rated and that I fly an instrument approach. What weather does the FAA require (assuming that I'm not ...
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Why would ASOS have a caution for Low Density Altitude?

I did my initial training in a high altitude area, where it got pretty hot in the summer, so I'm not at all surprised when I hear an ASOS announce: Caution: Density Altitude (a few thousand above ...
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What is the difference between the various automated airport weather observing systems?

Automated airport weather observations can be produced by several types of equipment: AWOS-A, AWOS-1, AWOS-2, AWOS-3, and ASOS are the ones I've seen mentioned. What are the differences between these ...
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