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Weather means the atmospheric conditions, including wind, temperature and precipitation, in a specific area at a specific time.

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Why is this G-AIRMET's valid time earlier than its issued time?

For this G-AIRMET map, why is the valid time earlier than the time it was issued?
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Diversions because of fog: What are the reasons?

It's fog season again around my local airport MUC (EDDM), and I have noticed a number of diversions recently. Some planes were holding a bit before attempting to land, performed a go around and then ...
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How can a "due regard" state flight that has been intercepted indicate to their interceptor that they need to deviate around a hazard?

Military (state) aircraft sometimes conduct observation and intelligence-gathering flights near (but not within) the territorial airspaces of other countries, flying without the express permission of ...
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Why did this flight, that usually flies around 40,000ft only fly at around 29,000ft for the route?

Looking at the flight BY6272 BRS-PMI, it was considerably delayed and flew (according to the flight radar app) at 29,000 feet rather than its usual 40,000 for this same route. It is a Boeing 787 ...
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A scenario question regarding meteorology

In the image attached, I’m struggling to find out why the answer is the way it is; maybe is me not being able to visualise it, but some help would be greatly appreciated.
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Can lasers be used for weather detection along an aircraft's flight path?

Aircraft use RADAR for weather detection such as storm clouds, rain, etc. Why don't they use LASER instead to measure the density of the weather ahead? RADAR has been known to return false signals of ...
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Honeywell 880 weather radar malfunctioning

Is anyone aware of issues with the Honeywell 880 weather radar not painting moisture? We had our original 800 unit go bad on our Falcon 7X, We have installed 3 replacements that have hardware and ...
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What is inflated wind speed?

According to NOAA, inflated wind speed is "the true wind speed (in knots) adjusted to improve forecasts of higher wind speeds. Wind speeds greater than the mean wind speed observed are increased, ...
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