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Questions tagged [weather-radar]

A radar system mounted to an aircraft (usually in the nose) that scans the air in front of and around the aircraft in order to detect, and help the pilots to avoid, areas of potentially-dangerous weather.

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20 votes
2 answers

How does the weather radar work?

I was reading this question about turbulence and how pilots foresee it, and in one of the answers, @Rhino Driver states: Weather Radar Just like using your eyes, except the radar can see further ...
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3 answers

How do pilots decide whether to circumnavigate bad weather?

How does an airline pilot decide in the air whether to circumnavigate or fly through bad weather visibly looming ahead and/or displayed on the weather radar ?
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Did AF447 cross dangerous weather?

question Did the Air France 447 pilots endanger the passengers by not diverting around but flying straight through the weather system encountered and pictured below ? Or was this a defendable, ...
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