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Questions tagged [waas]

For questions about the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), which is an implementation of a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for North America. Use the [sbas] tag for generic questions about SBAS instead.

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how can I verify the aircraft GPS is what TSO?

My understanding is that TSO-C 129() equipment and TSO-C 196() equipment are RAIM, and TSO-C145() and TSO-C146() are WAAS. Although I can tell which RAIM/WASS an aircraft has -- by checking on the MFD,...
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Approach miniumum when I lost WAAS during approach

I have a GPS receiver with WAAS. During an LPV approach, I received an LOI message That means I only lost WAAS, not RAIM. Did I just need to change minimum to LNAV and continue the approach?
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Why is my WAAS equipped aircraft telling me to descend sooner than the FAF (KDVT 25L LPV)

I ran into a weird issue today with our G1000 WAAS-equipped aircraft. The aircraft wanted me to begin decent .9nm before the FAF on the KDVT 25L LPV approach. The LPV is considered a non-precision ...
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How is TSO C145 equipment different from TSO C146 equipment?

From the AIM1-1-18 c1) C145 - "Airborne Navigation Sensors Using the GPS Augmented by the Wide Area Augmentation System" C146 - "Stand-Alone Airborne Navigation Equipment Using the ...
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What is the purpose of WAAS?

Does it just help with all of the approaches like LPV and stuff? Or is it its own thing?
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Due to the corrective calculations being ground-based, does the reliability of WAAS degrade with increases in altitude?

Since the WAAS system utilizes stations at known, fixed locations on the ground to make determinations for positional correction, is there a loss in the precision or validity of that correction with ...
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How does CDI scaling transition from terminal to approach sensitivity?

I read in the AIM that WAAS vector modes will provide a linear course width of +/-1NM prior to the FAF and then provide a fixed width of +/-0.3NM to the point where an ILS splay would be 0.3NM and ...
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Does turning off WAAS turn off ADS-B out as well?

I'm a CFII and for training GPS approaches with advanced students, I like to occasionally turn off the WAAS receiver on the 430/750/G1000/etc. when they are not looking, to simulate a WAAS failure and ...
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