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For questions about vehicles capable of vertical take-off and landing.

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The cost of maintaining VTOL devices

Which device for VTOL flight costs the most to maintain for a given number of flight hours? A tiltwing mechanism? A 2D thrust-vectoring nozzle (vectoring only between VTOL position and cruise ...
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What are the effective span and lifting properties of a circular wing?

Today I read an article on FlightGlobal about the Bell air taxi demonstrator. It includes some paraphrased quotes from the Bell VP of innovation, Scott Drennan, among which the following stood out: ...
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How much lift can be generated by the intake lip of a duct?

How to calculate the extra lift gained by the intake lip of a duct? Aside from improving efficiency by preventing tip vortices, if a duct has a bell-shaped intake, this lip around the edge creates ...
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what is Limit load factor structural and aerodynamic envelope at structural design gross weight and maximum gross weight?

As an aerospace engineer, as soon as I saw the words "structural and aerodynamic envelope" the first thing that popped into my mind that is it V-n diagram? But when I searched about it in ...
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How the power gained from exhaust of an engine is calculated?

Ryan XV-5 Vertifan used exhaust gas from engine to rotate the fan inside the wing. If I want to design an aircraft using this propulsion system how can I calculate how much power I can get from a ...
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