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Places where hot gas, ash, and lava come out of the earth and create hazards for aircraft.

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Why would "hot gases" from a volcano damage helicopter rotors?

In the ongoing story about someone trying to rescue dogs from a volcano with a drone, I keep seeing variations of this claim repeated: Spanish authorities have dropped food down to the dogs with ...
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Why are even drone flights prohibited due to the earthquakes near Mt Keilir, Iceland?

A "swarm" of over 20,000 earthquakes has rocked Iceland in the past 10 days — and it could spark a volcanic eruption links to this tweet by Almannavarnadeild ríkislögreglustjóra; The ...
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Is "laze" (lava + haze) as hazardous as volcanic ash to turbo engines?

Reading an article about Pahoa, I read that erupting Hawaiian volcanoes produce a combination of lava and haze - resulting in clouds that contain hydrochloric acid. Are these as dangerous as ...
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