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for questions about Visual meteorological conditions.

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VMC Conditions for VFR flight

What does it mean by flight visibility of 5km and horizontal separation from cloud 1500m in VMC? If a cloud is ahead of us at 1500m then how could the flight visibility be 5km?
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Is the actual VMC to IMC transition a challenge (for IFR rated pilot/craft etc) if, say, sudden or unexpected?

I assume that even on an IFR flight, being in even marginal VMC can be helpful, and that pilots consciously or subconsciously use cues such as the horizon to assist them in their flight even though ...
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Is night VMC still VMC if the underlying terrain is completely unlighted?

The whole point of visual meteorological conditions (VMC) is that there is sufficient visibility for a pilot to be able to safely fly by visual reference alone, without reference to instruments. This,...
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Does a safety pilot for a PPL practicing under the hood in VFR conditions need a current medical?

Am I legal to fly under the hood with a safety pilot who does not have a current medical? VMC only, not IMC.
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Why is it necessary to fly in visual conditions to certain unmanned airstrips?

I have come across certain unmanned airstrips where only VFR flight is allowed not IFR? I wonder what can be the possible reasons for that?
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Is it possible to fly VFR above the IMC floor or VFR-On-Top without a specifically filed route, both using an IFR flight plan to go through IMC?

*Note, I'm not trying to recommend this, but I am curious if it can be done. In this question, Steve V.'s answer made me wonder about this: One time during my commercial training, my instructor and ...
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To what extent is LLF forecast of icing conditions a concern in VMC?

First off, I know that flying into actual icing conditions in an aircraft not equipped to handle icing is a Very Bad Idea ™ for any number of reasons. That's not what I am asking about here....
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Does an IFR flight at night in VMC count as “night VFR conditions” (FAR 61.129)?

FAR 61.129 several times uses the phrase “night VFR conditions.” Does this mean strictly flights conducted under VFR at night, or does it include night flights conducted under IFR but in VMC?
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How does gross weight affect the Minimum Controllable Airspeed (Vmc)?

I am about to get my MEL added to my CFI, and I cannot get my head around the multiple explanations for how gross weight affects Vmc. The accepted answer is that The higher the gross weight, the lower ...
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Is the pilot required to keep visual lookout during IFR operations in VMC?

During VFR operations, the pilot must always self-assure separation from other aircraft, and thus must maintain a visual lookout all the time. For IFR operations but in VMC, are there any rules as to ...
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What is defined as "day VFR" under EASA rules?

I received a document where it it specified that the flight relevant for such document can only take place in "Day VFR" conditions undear EASA regulations. Is this connected to VMC? What does EASA ...
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What punishment will I get from CASA if I fly in a cloud while a student pilot?

I am a student pilot in Australia. Someone said he saw me fly into a cloud at 1700 feet above ground level for five seconds. But I am sure I did not fly in the cloud. I have no instrument rating, nor ...
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What happens when a pilot has no Instrument Rating and visibility drops?

Note: I'm not a pilot, so I don't have much basic knowledge of how the pilot licence ratings work If a pilot doesn't have an Instrument Rating, and the weather conditions drop below VMC; what do they ...
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Which way should you turn to avoid another aircraft?

During visual flight conditions, when you see another aircraft in your path, you should strive to avoid hitting it. In shipping there are standard international rules about which way boats should ...
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Are civilian/GA pilots expected to "see and avoid" fast military jets in VMC?

I don't know if this also applies to the U.S. or just to Europe, but in Europe the civilian airspace is frequently used by military jets. On numerous occasions I've seen F-16's and other fighter jets ...
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