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Questions tagged [visual-flight-rules]

Visual flight rules (VFR) is a set of regulations governing aircraft operations. VFR permits flying and navigating by visual reference outside the aircraft.

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Night VFR in France

I would like to conduct a night VFR in France and I am looking for the special regulations (references) for the following questions If an airport is approved for night VFR and nothing is mentioned ...
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Is it necessary to switch from VFR to IFR when using ILS approach?

I have flown at an airport and asked for vectors for an ILS approach in VMC for practice. But the controller refused to give me vectors and told me that I could only have a visual approach. I got the ...
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EASA procedures for radio/comm failure under VFR rules

Trying to find the VFR communication failure procedure in EASA, but can't find anything clear enough, maybe someone have a link for clear instructions for that procedure? I want to figure out what ...
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What are some of the bigger differences world wide in VFR charts?

While discussing Aviation Charts in this SE question, JanHudec & Jwentin commented that VFR chart symbols are not internationally standardized - including airspace names and procedures. What are ...
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