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How accurately do I need to maintain my altitude while VFR-on-top?

Is holding altitude as stringent a requirement when flying VFR-on-top? If the deviation exceeds say 200 feet off a given VFR altitude (i.e. 5500’ heading eastbound) is this as big of an issue for ATC?
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1 answer

Can US pilots fly VFR OTT and/or VFR at night in Canada without additional ratings?

In the US, private pilots flying under VFR are implicitly allowed to fly without visual reference to the ground, eg. over an overcast cloud layer, as long as they maintain appropriate VFR weather ...
2 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to fly VFR above the IMC floor or VFR-On-Top without a specifically filed route, both using an IFR flight plan to go through IMC?

*Note, I'm not trying to recommend this, but I am curious if it can be done. In this question, Steve V.'s answer made me wonder about this: One time during my commercial training, my instructor and ...