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What's the functional difference between PAPI and VASI?

PAPI and VASI seem to be very similar in the the information they provide - i.e. are you on the glide slope or off it. Is there a functional difference between the two? If there is a difference, and ...
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Why does the airport plate list a VASI that does not exist?

I have a small but quite busy GA (General Aviation) airport I operate out of that gets over 140,000 of operations per year. It's a popular GA destination, has an active school, and the area schools ...
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How to decide on which side of the runway the approach path indicator (VASI, PAPI) are placed?

This answer provides pictures and drawing of implementation of both PAPI and VASI. In all pictures I found, I cannot figure if there is a rule to put those lights on the right, on the left, or on both ...
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Why would a pilot ask the tower to turn the VASI off?

This past Saturday I was taking off from runway 22 at Catalina Airport (IATA: AVX) when I heard on radio a GA pilot requesting the tower to turn off VASI after requesting weather advisory. I did not ...
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What does a white over red VASI indicate?

I have found the following mnemonic's to remember Visual Approach Slope Indicator combinations: White over White, you're high as a kite. / you'll fly all night Red over White, you're alright. Red ...
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What is the horizontal and vertical fields of view for a VASI and a PAPI approach system as you come in to land?

As you come in for landing, at what angles should the VASI or PAPI lights be visible on the approach in the Horizontal and vertical planes. {E.G. 30 degrees horizontal and 20 degrees vertical}
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What is MEHT (minimum eye height over the threshold)?

What is MEHT (minimum eye height over the threshold)? I can't find the definition and how to use it.
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Light indication of a 2-bar system while on the correct glideslope? [duplicate]

I am trying to compare a VASI-4 light system with a PAPI lights. I know that 2White-2Red is the pattern that indicates that the aircraft is on the glideslope; more reds mean lower and more white means ...
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