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Questions on the critical speeds of an aircraft guiding elements such as rotation, climb, and maneuvering.

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What were the typical rotation and landing speeds of the X-29?

Looking online through all the available literature, I could not find the typical rotation ($V_r$), landing or even stall speed of the experimental forward swept wing X-29 aircraft. I'm curious to ...
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Is my understanding about Balanced Field correct?

We have two definitions: Balanced Field where Takeoff Distance Required = Accelerated Stop Distance Required Balanced V1 = This is the speed where on a balanced field length (TODR=ASDR) if we have ...
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Why does V2 decrease for intersection takeoff

I have noticed that the VR and V2 decreases for same FLEX when departing from an intersection runway even when sufficient stop margin is available. What is the reason for this? And also does EFB ...
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Is it a common airline practice to base T/O speeds on the actual T/O weight when an assumed temp thrust is used?

Let's say the current outside air temp is 15 C and you have decided to use 50 C as the today's assumed temperature for your takeoff. In this case, use of the T/O weight the assumed temp thrust ...
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How do you determine VMCG, if its yawing moment by the inoperative engine is only be corrected by the rudder?

The requirement of VMCG is: VMCG, the minimum control speed on the ground, is the calibrated airspeed during the takeoff run at which, when the critical engine is suddenly made inoperative, it is ...
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What are the V speeds for a Piper Super Cub 180HP with an upgrade to 61 gallons fuel capacity?

I fly a Piper Super Cub 180HP with upgraded 61 gallons, 30.5 gallons usable a side. The POH and everywhere I look online I find POHs for Cubs with 150hp and 36 gallons TOTAL. I was wondering if anyone ...
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