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Use this tag for questions which are specific to the United States, but not regulatory in nature. For questions about aviation regulations in the US, use the faa-regulations tag.

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Can a non-US registered aircraft be based in the US?

I am a Swiss citizen and I might have to move to the US for a couple of years. I own a small plane in Switzerland (HB-registered) and I'd like to take it with me to the US. As my stay in the US would ...
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How are foreign militaries regulated in the USA?

I believe the US military is not officially subject to the FARs, but what about foreign military aviation? What about aviation activities of the various National Guard outfits? Example...the Belgium ...
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Can fighter jets set their lights to flash six times?

So last night President Trump was in town at the Grand Rapids Airport in Michigan. I live about 5 miles away directly to the west of the airport. I noticed multiple high and fast flying jets (they ...
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Is "margin final" an ATC instruction in USA?

I was south-east of the airport and the active runway was 24. The ATC said, "Make straight in and remain south." And then he said, "Margin final, cleared [to] land." What is margin final? I'm an ...
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What happens if an airline reports a high number of involuntary denied boardings to the Department of Transportation?

I read (mirror): it’s in Delta’s interests to offer more in compensation for a voluntary bump rather than reporting higher involuntary denied boarding numbers to the Department of Transportation. ...
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Can any US airline fly to and from any US city it wants to?

I am trying to understand the US commercial aviation industry. Assuming that slots are available, are US airlines permitted to fly to and from any US city they want to? Or are there limited permits ...
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Can an AFSP training request be renewed when the current one has not yet expired?

My Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) training request expires in about two months, so the aviation school I'm learning with asked me to just go ahead and create a new training request so there's no ...
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Has FAA published any A-RNP STAR or A-RNP / RNP AR DP SID?

After reading FAA's Performance Based Navigation Strategy 2016, I tried to search for already published Departure Procedures of RNP specification. I could only find some that require RNP-1, even ...
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Has the United States started a drone crop spraying program for farmers?

On "NHK World" (2018.06.01), a news segment showed Chinese farmers being taught to use drones to spray chemicals on their crops. The Chinese Government hopes to train all the farmers in an entire ...
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Which American State Aircraft use the RVSM exemption?

Reading about RVSM, I noted the exemption for "state aircraft." This is summarize in wikipedia as "State aircraft", which includes aircraft used in military, customs and police service, are ...
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Why do airlines in the United States of America use total time as an eligibility requirement for employment?

Airlines in the United States of America have varying total time requirements to determine eligibility for the potential employment of applicants. Why do airlines set total time requirements beyond ...
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how can someone view fuel shortage alerts?

Quoting , Airport leaders have ...
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What modifications/upgrades were done to US MD-80 fleet?

I have often heard stories about how most of the MD-80 fleet that are being retired in the US were modified and upgraded. What were the modifications or upgrades done?
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How come PSA airlines got the same IATA code as Comair?

PSA Airlines has the same IATA 2-letter code, "OH", as the now-defunct carrier Comair. Yet - the two companies are not related. How is it, that IATA reassigned the same code to an unrelated carrier ...
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Can an N registered aircraft operate scheduled service from USA to/from a Category 2 country?

Am looking at economics of a scheduled service between Honolulu and Tarawa but need an N registered aircraft to do it.
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