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Unpowered flight is the ability to stay airborne for a period of time without using any power source.

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Lighter than air vs heavier than air?

I know that hydrogen balloon is an example of lighter than air aircraft while today aircraft like helicopters and Boeing 747 are examples of heavier than air aircraft. But I want to know about more ...
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Should there be a directive to return to the takeoff runway immediately on a birdstrike at under 4000 ft? [closed]

I live in London and I've wondered what would happen if a Cactus 1549-style birdstrike emergency had happened/were to happen here. We don't have Canada geese in the UK, but I was just wondering ...
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Is it feasible to circumnavigate the Earth in a sailplane?

Would it be feasible and survivable to circumnavigate the Earth in a glider or sailplane without propulsion and without landing until the circumnavigation is completed, when you'd return to the same ...
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Does wind provide lift for hang gliders in the air?

Basically, if there are no thermals, but a strong wind, is there a way to use that wind to gain altitude?
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What is the best distance glider that can carry a 200 lb load?

Good morning, I'm an emigrant from Worldbuilding and I ask this first question in part to help me discover what I don't know I don't know. My definition of best: Longest recorded single flight time ...
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Is there a worldwide association for stunt/trick/tournament hang-gliding?

I'm wondering if there is any prevailing organized body of sports-people in hang-gliders, other gliders, and/or personal non-powered glide craft in general? I'm particularly interested in stunts ...
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BLEED FAULT lamp illumination under various conditions [closed]

In lots of commercial and defence aircrafts, bleed fault is annunciated because of mainly the following reasons: Overpressure/Overheat shut-off valve disagreement (i.e. failed open, failed closed) ...
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What is preferred in an emergency landing: a road or a cornfield?

When faced with the situation of a power off emergency landing, how do you best select your location to land? At what point is a road too small or the crosswind too great to attempt a safe landing ...
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can the wreckages of a hot air balloon and a hang glider be salvaged for a working hang glider?

I'm currently working through my collection of Spike and Suzy albums, and in the album I'm currently reading, one of the main characters crashes with a hot air balloon near the wreckage of a hang ...
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How does a pilots license of cluster ballooning differ from other ballooning or unpowered flight?

John Ninomiya discusses his experience with developing this new style of ballooning on his Cluster Ballooning website. Many of the site's links are now broken, but on there he formerly attested that ...
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How can a hang glider take off from flat ground?

There are a number of different ways of taking off with a powerless hang glider, the most commonly used being either running down a hill or jumping off a cliff/platform. This is how I learned to hang ...
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Are there standard ground-tether systems for unpowered aircraft?

Do grounding systems have any standards or conventions? Is tethering specified in any way? I can understand the engineering aspects of the question, but I am wondering about regulation or ...
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How can I estimate the minimum runway needed to take off with a hang glider?

I'm interested in short, or trick, take-offs - such as from platforms, tall trees, etc. I think that I should have a wind speed and direction measure an understanding of my wing surface area This ...
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