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Questions tagged [ultralight]

Questions regarding very lightweight powered aircraft.

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What do I need to do to fly a Microlight to France?

I wish to fly a C42 to France from the UK. I can file the flight plan from Skydemon, but I have an NPPL, so I believe I need to obtain permission from French authorities and maybe do other things. ...
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What do you need to have onboard for flights with an ultralight/sport aircraft over water (Atlantic, Pacific)? Life raft possible (weight/size)?

Remark: For us in Germany an UL is a 2 seater with 470/600kg MTOW. AFAIK those are named Light Sport Aircraft in the US/Australia. Example: What do you use if ...
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Do the FAA provide help on airworthiness of ultralights?

The answer to the question Can my plane get off the ground? has the comment: I'm going to get it checked by the faa Part 103 for Ultralights says that: (a) Any person operating an ultralight ...
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How can Schrenk approximation be used to model lift load on a rectangular wing?

How can I use Schrenk approximation to calculate load distribution on my rectangular wing? A worked example will be appreciated.
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How are the landing, takeoff, and cruise speeds calculated for my homebuilt ultralight?

How can I calculate the takeoff, landing, and cruise speeds of my ultralight with a total weight (with load) of 120 kg, average air density of 1.23 kg/m3, wing area of 13.18 m2, and a coefficient of ...
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Is it technically feasible to dampen the control stick in an Autogyro?

The control stick in a gyrocopter is too wobbly for a glider pilot's liking. Is there a way to dampen the stick in a Gyrocopter [Eg. the Air command] to make it feel as smooth and light as one would ...
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What's the most cost effective way to keep a PPL current with Ultralights?

I hold an NPPL(m) - which is a UK license for Micro/Ultralights only. I wish to "upgrade" (sadly there is no formal upgrade path) to a PPL so that on occasion, I can hire 4 seaters. My ...
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