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Is it illegal for Joe Public to listen to ATC in the UK?

I recall that in the UK (unlike in the rest of the world) we have a law forbidding the listening to of air traffic control, dating back a century, to the days of paranoia over spies! What is this law,...
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What is the least expensive way to become a commercial pilot in the UK?

Besides the RAF is there a way of becoming a pilot without spending tens of thousands of pounds on flight training? I'm finishing university and looking to go into a career in flying, I can't join the ...
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Why do airports in the UK have so few runways?

Almost all of the major airports in the United Kingdom are single-runway (or functionally-single-runway) installations, with only two of the very busiest (Heathrow and Manchester) having as many as ...
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How do I pay fees if I don't even land at the airport?

So let's say I'm going from Wellesbourne (EGBW) to Coventry airport (EGBE) and at Coventry I do 1 ILS approach and go missed and return back to Wellesbourne. Even though I never put a wheel on EGBE ...
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Why are Gatwick's runways too close together?

Gatwick Airport has two runways (08L/26R and 08R/26L), but they are only 200 metres apart - too close (by just ten metres) to allow simultaneous operations on both runways. As a result, usually only ...
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Are private jets allowed to land at London Heathrow?

Heathrow is among the worlds busiest airports, with traffic mostly (entirely?) from airliners. Are private/business jets (e.g. Gulfstream G650 or Cessna Citation X) allowed to land at Heathrow? If so,...
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How did the AAIB assist in locating MH370?

I saw on news that the AAIB helped to locate the missing MH370 flight, saying that it ended up in Indian Ocean, with the help of a whole new technology. I was wondering what kind of "new technology" ...
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What does the sign "Caution your blast" mean?

At London City Airport (LCY) there exists a "CAUTION YOUR BLAST" sign. This isn't one I've seen before. What does it mean?
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What exactly is a UK IMC rating?

In chat, falstro mentioned the "UK IMC rating" and described it as "a lighter version of an instrument rating, allows enroute IFR, but no approaches or departures" (although to be fair he also said ...
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Do any UK universities include PPL/Commercial flight training as part of an aviation degree?

I recently became interested in becoming a commercial pilot after buying Flight Simulator X and a Saitek Yoke system. I'm still studying my GCSE's, and I am now debating between computer science and a ...
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What system is there in the UK to prevent collisions between small aircraft?

I met someone the other day who owns a small plane and he was going to fly from Cambridge to the Isle of Wight. I asked him whether he had to file a flight plan and he said no. Just wondering ...
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How do police/ambulance helicopters communicate with ATC?

I was watching some police programme on TV the other day, with an air chase that had the police helicopter crew on their toes; having to perform a lot of sudden maneuvers. How do police, or HEMS (...
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