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Questions tagged [tupolev]

A Russian aerospace and defense company that designs and manufactures military, commercial and experimental aircraft.

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5 answers

Why was there no issue with the Tu-144 flying above land?

The Concorde didn't fly supersonically above land, it only could above the ocean. The Tu-144 however flew between Moscow and Almaty, so entirely above land; why did it fly like this? Didn't it have a ...
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How to recognise the Tupolev Tu-154, Tu-204, and Tu-334?

Tupolev used to be the one of the largest airliner manufacturer comparable to Boeing and Airbus. However since the dissolution of USSR, its airliner business is declining, and only operated by a few ...
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Why does the Tu-22M3 nose have this peculiar shape?

What is the reason behind this unusual nose shape? I am not referring only to the presence of the protuberance on the tip, but mainly to the asymmetry between the top and bottom side. Image source ...
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Has a Russian Tu-95 ever had to make an emergency landing in Europe?

Has a Tu-95 Bear bomber ever made an emergency landing in a European country while the flight was on a mission to test the country's defences?
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Why use a single engine plane instead of a multi engine one for a long range flight record?

Tupolev ANT-25 was designed specifically for setting flight range records. In 1937 two flights from Moscow, Soviet Union to USA via the North Pole happened - one covered 9130 kilometers and finished ...
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When did the Tu95 first use its armament in combat?

When did the Tu95 first use its armament in combat? I know they can carry both missiles and bombs, I'm looking for the earliest date of either one being used in a combat situation.
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Why there are nearly no upper wing jetliners? [duplicate]

Whenever I look at the western airliners. All of their wings are always mounted on the lower part of the fuselage except the Dash 8 series which have turbo props. But the Soviet jetliners have their ...
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