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A Soviet-designed narrowbody trijet built from 1968 until 2013 and widely used in the former Soviet Union until very recently.

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How did the CVR of Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937 keep recording after the collision?

Black boxes are in the back of the plane. The CVR microphone is obviously in the front. When the tailfin of DHL 611 split Bashkirian 2937 into two just ahead of the wing, I would expect the recording ...
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How would flying into Frankfurt a.M. Airport be problematic for the Tu-154?

A friend of the family lives in the approach path of Frankfurt a.M. Airport (FRA, EDDF). Until a few years ago, Tupolev Tu-154s were still flying to this airport, although as I understand, they don't ...
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Why is the S-duct intake on the Tu-154 uniquely oblong?

Is there an advantage to the oval/elliptical shape of the Tu-154's S-duct intake? It appears to be taller and an overall different shape than the side-mounted cowlings. This doesn't appear to be a ...
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Why doesn't the Tu-154's center engine have a thrust reverser?

In this gorgeous photo of a landing Tu-154, one can clearly see that the lateral engines are equipped with thrust reversers, but the center engine is not. Why?
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