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A Soviet supersonic airliner produced from 1963 through 1982, which unsuccessfully attempted to compete with the Concorde; it was racked with problems and made only 55 passenger flights.

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Tu-144 vs Concorde: which one of the two carried passengers first?

I know that the Tu-144 had the first prototype flight and it also beat Concorde in reaching supersonic speed, but what I am really curious to know is which design carried passengers first (not crew ...
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Was wood used in the construction of the TU-144?

This image the Yegoryevsk crash of the TU-144 CCCP-77111 appears to show a part of the wreck made of wood: (picture source) The inside looks like wood slats with rafters. Wood is sometimes used in ...
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Why didn’t the Concorde have flap-canards like the Tu-144?

One of only two ways of which I am aware in which the Tu-144 was “ahead” of the Concorde1 was in its use of retractable flap-canards, which increased the lift on the front of the aircraft at low ...
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What are these unsymmetrical parts at the tail of the Tupolev TU-144?

On a recent trip to the Technikmuseum Sinsheim, I noticed that the back of the Tupolev TU-144 is not symmetric. Please take a look at the picture I took to understand what I mean: (Please don't mind ...
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Why aren't the canards used as airbrakes on the Tupolev Tu-144?

The Tupolev TU-144 uses retractable canards to stabilize the aircraft while starting and landing. On this picture you can see them very well: Source: Copyright: VOLPATI It doesn't ...
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49 votes
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How can the landing gear fit in the small room in the engine bay on the Tupolev Tu-144?

I recently went to the museum in Sinsheim, Germany, where a Tupolev Tu-144 is on display. I noticed that the landing gear of this plane is actually way wider than the space it has available when ...
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Why is it said that the Tupolev Tu-144 had superior aerodynamics to the Concorde?

A quote from this article: "The Concorde had better range, braking and engine control but the Tupolev had vastly superior aerodynamics." What is the basis, if any, for this statement on the ...
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