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The government organization responsible for creating transportation regulations in Canada

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What is a "Descend Via" clearance?

When flying to Teterboro, NJ (KTEB) and cleared via the JAIKE THREE ARRIVAL from Flat Rock (FAK): What does ATC expect when they give a clearance like: N1234, Descend VIA the JAIKE THREE ARRIVAL ...
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3 votes
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If I do PPL ground school online, do I have to do all of it?

I am not doing normal ground school (I chose to do it online). I have passed my PSTAR, and will be doing my ROC-A in the upcoming weeks. With this in mind, must I do the entire online ground school ...
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How is US Class B airspace enforced in Canada?

Detroit, MI is the center of Class B airspace, however a good portion of that airspace within the inverted wedding cake is in Canada. What are the mechanisms that allow US to define Class B airspace ...
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