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Flights that cross the Atlantic Ocean, either with or without stopping en route.

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What is the relation between ADS-B MOPS & quality indicators? [closed]

I have some questions about ADS-B & MOPS, What is MOPS, What is the relationship between MOPS and ADS-B out and Ground Station Does the ADS-B have MOPS If we have Ground Station with different ...
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What transatlantic flight routes are available for a Pilatus PC-24 with std configuration [closed]

I'm interested in this plane, but the aircraft's advertised range is 1,800nm with 6 passengers onboard. So a direct flight is not possible. How do you fly from e.g. Paris to New York? What are the ...
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How many mid-ocean battery swaps are needed for an electric A380 to refly the first transatlantic flight?

Context To understand what the current level of electric airplane propulsion is with respect to large passenger airliners I developed the following question: Question How many battery swaps would be ...
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Do stratospheric business and military jets use the North Atlantic Tracks?

The North Atlantic Tracks (NATs) are the airways generally used by airliners taking approximate great-circle routes between North America and Europe; due to the wild swings in wind strength and ...
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What are the regulations for crossing the Atlantic in a twin engine prop plane

Are there ETOPS like regulations for private planes? If the plane has the range (4000km+), can it do it in one go?
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Why did my transatlantic flight meander off the great circle?

I recently flew commercial to Scotland and was tracking our progress on my iPad using Foreflight. I made a direct-to line that followed the great circle route, but noticed that we meandered off of it ...
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What was the flight route from New York to Paris that Air France took in 1955?

I have a photograph of me and my sister in 1955 or 1956 boarding Air France to Paris. I seem to remember the route was: New York - Gander Gander - Shannon Shannon - Orly Is that correct? I know the ...
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Why is Iceland an efficient connection point between London and Boston/NYC?

Air connections thru Iceland (Keflavik) have been increasing explosively in recent years. Keflavik is used as a transfer point on trans-Atlantic itineraries. The highest-traffic city pair involving ...
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Why aren't 737s or A320s commonly used for transatlantic flights?

Despite newer models of the 737 and A320 families having more than enough range to cross the North Atlantic (and also most of the older models, if they refuel at Gander and\or Shannon along the way; ...
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Is it true that there are VOR/DME and/or TACAN stations in the oceans?

Are there any VORs placed in the oceans for navigation. Is it true that VORs or TACANs are placed on ships to help oceanic flights, for example flights across the Atlantic?
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Why is UTC activation time referred to 30W in NAT-OTS?

I am reading the NORTH ATLANTIC OPERATIONS AND AIRSPACE MANUAL and I came across the following statement more than once during my reading: The activation time of the westbound OTS shall be ...
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How are NATs connected to European Airways?

The North Atlantic Tracks connect Northern Europe to North America. To enter/exit NATs over North America, the North American Routes (NARs) are used. Questions: What about the European side? What are ...
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How can I know if North Atlantic Tracks have been amended?

Information about the North Atlantic Tracks is issued through Track Messages. The NAT Doc 007 document states that every track message is identified by the TMI (Track Message Identifier) number: The ...
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Where to download NAT Track Message (original and official source)? [duplicate]

I am studying about North Atlantic tracks. I know the message is usually distributed to interested parties via AFTN and is published by Shanwick or Gander. I would also like to get such information ...
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Where to download NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) information?

I am reading about NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) and I found out they are created and regulated by the following entities: westbound flow: Shanwick Oceanic Control eastbound flow: Gander Oceanic ...
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Why are westbound transatlantic routes located hundreds of km away from eastbound routes?

Are jet streams a net benefit in time and fuel savings? provides (basic) explanations about jet streams in the Pacific. However I'm looking for an answer focused on North Atlantic area, explaining the ...
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East-West and West-East flight times in relation to earth's rotation [duplicate]

If I were to fly direct from from East to West, and then in the same aircraft do the return trip from West to East, assuming there is no wind on the earth, would both journeys take the same amount of ...
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Could the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft do a transatlantic flight with a Space Shuttle orbiter on its back?

Some of the STS backup landing sites were in Europe. Of course, The STS would actually have to fly there only in case of extreme emergency, so the number one priority was just to save the lives of ...
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How do small planes cross oceans? [duplicate]

I've often flown short flights around the US on aircraft built by non-American companies whose range is less than is required to make a traditional Atlantic crossing. The Airbus A319-100, for ...
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Why don't all flights use the North Atlantic Tracks (NATs)?

I had assumed that all flights between western Europe and North America would use the North Atlantic Tracks (NATs) but this answer says that, actually, only about half do. What reasons might a flight ...
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What is the fastest possible transatlantic flight today?

I'm working on a novel that, as part of the backstory, requires samples of a biological agent to be flown from Incirlik Air Base to labs across Europe, and then finally from the UK to the US. In the ...
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Do transatlantic flight plans have alternates routes?

Does every international flight have more than one flight route in the flight plan? For example, after the incident with MH-17, most of the flights were diverted from that route. Were the alternate ...
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Where to find historical locations of North Atlantic Tracks?

I'm looking for historical, daily locations of the North Atlantic Track (NAT, published daily as NOTAM) system for the past 10/20 years. I've already contacted what feels like dozens of organizations ...
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Which country is responsible for prosecution if a crime is committed over international waters?

Theoretically speaking, let's say we're flying from Portugal to Cuba, on a Chinese-owned airliner. Whilst over the Atlantic, a crime is committed, and we land in the US. Which country is responsible ...
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What is required for transatlantic flight in a private plane?

What equipment is required to fly a small plane across the Atlantic via Canada, Greenland, and Iceland? Is any additional training required beyond an ordinary pilot certificate? Can it be done in VFR ...
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