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Will the new USAF trainer Boeing–Saab T-7 Red Hawk have weapons?

Will the new USAF jet trainer, the Boeing–Saab T-7 Red Hawk, have weapons? I see the mention of the possibility of hardpoints e.g. here:
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Is the T-38 wing strong enough to carry any weapons?

First, let me just clarify that I'm aware the T-38 doesn't have the necessary hardware to actually support firing weapons -- it doesn't have a fire control radar, for one. In any case, I'm still ...
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Why are some modern military trainer aircraft so bulky?

Modern military trainer aircraft are a lot wider and bulkier than the previous generation. Especially the canopy looks oversized. You can see this in the Boeing/Saab T-7 Red Hawk, Alenia Aermacchi M-...
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Can anyone help me with the Make, Model (version), and Unit of this WWII army trainer. Appears to be an AT-6 version

Location: Madison, WI Municipal Airport on May 21, 1939. Notice the straight bottom on the vertical stabilizer, crest emblem, pitot tubes, landing gear, exhaust location, antenna, etc. I have two ...
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Are there any GA trainer aircraft without toe brakes?

I'm a student pilot, and I've built about 20 hours on a Cessna 172. I also have an old ankle injury that makes it hard to bend my left ankle, and I'll probably be getting an ankle fusion later this ...
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Electric trainer aircraft has engine weighing 11Kg , how much would a comparable conventional engine weigh?

The Pipstrel Alpha Electro Trainer has an electric engine which weighs 11Kg. How much would the engine of a comparable gasoline powered aircraft weigh ?
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What is this US Navy airplane seen at Westover AFB?

This Navy aircraft was at Westover AFB in either 1987 or 1990. Type unknown.
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What is the airplane type in this formation seen above Eugene, Oregon?

This flight of 2 flew by my house in Eugene, Oregon recently. I assume they're military pilot trainers but I am having trouble coming up with an ID.
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Can the Kawasaki T-4 carry weapons?

The Kawasaki T-4 is a jet trainer aircraft. However, it seems to have two hardpoints. Armament Two hardpoints for external fuel tanks Can these be used to carry weapons? E.g., unguided bombs or ...
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Can a Eurofighter 2000 trainer be converted to a combat-capable Eurofighter 2000?

It surprises me to see that in some aircraft inventory listings, a rather considerable percentage of combat aircraft are "trainer" versions. E.g., the current inventory of the Spanish Air ...
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What is the difference between a weapons training aircraft and an actual combat aircraft?

From the Wikipedia page on the Northrop T-38 Talon: Most T-38s built were of the T-38A variant, but the USAF also had a small number of aircraft converted for weapons training (designated AT-...
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Can you identify this plane from 1920 and prior vintage?

My grand uncle, that is my grandfather's brother had a flight school and performed in barnstorming shows somewhere in the midwest and it's not a Jenny. His name was Ralph Bloxham and is seen with his ...
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Why is it not practical for the USN T-45 to be fitted with oxygen systems used in other trainers?

Back in April, the US Navy (USN) grounded all of its T-45 training flights due to issues with the cockpit oxygen system. I personally heard about this before the grounding secondhand from someone in ...
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How do I use the GNS 620 Trainer provided by Garmin? [closed]

I downloaded the Trainer for the Garmin GNS 620 here. I installed and now have a few programs. I can open the GNS 620, the touchscreen GPS and boot it up, plan a route and so on. There's also a ...
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Why are high-g requirements so important for training next generation of fighter pilots?

Background In the development of T-X program, a major step has been the refining of the technical requirements, in particular this "sustained G" maneuver: The sustained G maneuver shall be flown ...
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Is there a worldwide association for stunt/trick/tournament hang-gliding?

I'm wondering if there is any prevailing organized body of sports-people in hang-gliders, other gliders, and/or personal non-powered glide craft in general? I'm particularly interested in stunts ...
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How do trainer aircraft differ from non-trainer versions?

In flying schools, there are aircraft designated for training student pilots. Do these aircraft have special equipments or controls on-board which are used by instructors? Like maybe extra panels or ...
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