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A procedure where the plane intentionally takes off again, after making a normal landing.

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Touch-and-go methodology in high-performance singles

I flew a high-performance aircraft for the first time recently (SR22T) and nearly ground-looped the thing during a touch-and-go because the instructor gave me absolutely zero pre-flight instruction (...
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Departing from closed traffic

I understand how to request closed traffic from the ground, and what it allows me to do (What does "closed traffic" mean?). There's another closed traffic scenario that I imagine to be ...
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What is the "Dying Whale" sound of F-35C during pattern/terminal area operations?

I live near an airbase that just recently started operating F-35s. The variant is the F-35C Lightning II of the Marine Corps. During operations near the base there is a distinct sound that - for lack ...
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How do I request a touch and go and then remain closed traffic?

When I first contact a tower to request touch-and-go, if I want to remain closed traffic after the touch-and-go, can I say '...tower, call sign, location, inbound for touch-and-go and remain closed ...
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How often do jet-liners have touch and go landings?

I read that a go around is 1-3 out of every 1000 and I wondered how rare it is for a large commercial plane to actually hit the runway before deciding to go back up again.
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Are there reference speeds like V1, Vr or V2 for a touch and go procedure?

Are there any reference speeds like V1, Vr and V2 on a touch and go procedure? During takeoff, these are used to mark certain states of the takeoff, including the speed at which the aircraft starts ...
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Why do planes sometimes make a touch-and-go?

I have seen airplanes on YouTube and even in my country doing a touch-and-go. I don't know why planes come down from thousands of feet just to touch the runway and ...
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Do you pay to Touch-and-Go?

I understand you pay to land at an airfield, but do you pay to Touch-and-Go? Pilots will often practice many Touch-and-Go's at an airfield, are you billed for each one (assuming you pay something to ...
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Is it bad for the engine to perform a touch & go?

I just watched a video about the traffic pattern. In the comment section below, the uploader spoke about touch & go's: I don't like to do touch and go's, as a student pilot I used to do them ...
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