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Glider aircraft equipped with a motor with fixed or full feathering propellers are generally classified as Touring Motor Gliders (TMGs). TMGs can take off and cruise like an airplane or soar with power off, like a glider. They are fitted with front-mounted engines, similar to a small airplane. The large wingspans of TMGs provide a moderate gliding performance, not as good as that of unpowered gliders.

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If you follow the educational path from Sailplane Pilot License / Touring motorglider (SPL/TMG) to Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL-A/SEP). What is the requirement to progress from LAPL-A to a ...
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Is Touring Motor Glider included in the term "aeroplanes"?

The EASA definition goes as follows: ‘Aeroplane’ means an engine-driven fixed-wing aircraft heavier than air, that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its wings. ‘...
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Does going from SPL with TMG to PPL(A) automatically give me a PPL(A) TMG rating?

I am currently training for PPL(A) while holding an SPL with TMG rating. Since I have more than 24 hours on TMG, I only need 15 hours of flying to obtain the PPL(A) license according to the EASA ...
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What PPL routes are available with gliding experience?

I'm an early solo glider pilot, with the long term goal of also obtaining a PPL (not a LAPL(A)). I am planning to do this after I have obtained at least my bronze badge, which I aspire to within the ...
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When is a sailplane a sailplane?

A simple question that I could not find an answer to: When is a sailplane a sailplane (from a regulatory point of view), especially a powered one of the TMG (touring motor glider) variety? EASA has ...
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