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In gld90 protocol what is t=0-4 in a traffic report message

In gld90 protocol what is t=0-4 in a traffic report message: t=0: ADS-B ICAO addresses t=1: TIS-B ICAO addresses t=2: ADS-B self-assigned addresses t=3: TIS-B track file id How likely is a name ...
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What's the differences and the risk of duplicates, between ADS-B and TIS-B addresses? (inc. ICAO and self-assigned options)

What is: ADS-B ICAO addresses TIS-B ICAO addresses ADS-B self-assigned addresses TIS-B track file id How likely is a name collision between the self-assigned address and track file id? How likely is ...
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Does the TIS-B "hockey-puck" contain VFR mode-C targets with unconfirmed altitude?

When receiving TIS-B traffic via ADS-B In, I'm curious what mode-C targets are included. Is it only mode-C traffic with confirmed altitude in contact with ATC services (presumably with a transponder ...
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TIS-B anonymous address

I could not understand what is the difference between ADS-R with anonymous address (CF=6, IMF=1) and TIS-B CF=5, which on ICAO Doc 9871 is described, for Version 1 as: Fine TIS-B Message AA field ...
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Why do I missing 1090 Rebroadcast Traffic (ADS-R) Targets from Ground Station as part of 978 Uplink?

For context I have an ADS-B 1090 OUT and 978 IN. I also have a Stratus portable Dual channel receiver in my plane, so I have the option of comparing the traffic between systems. What I’ve been ...
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What will create a "traffic puck" on the UAT band?

I know that for ADS-B in the US to receive TIS-B information you need to be a participating aircraft (ie ADSB-Out). My question is more specifically, if you are flying an aircraft with a 1090ES ...
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Is the TIS-B traffic filter on board or on the ground?

This question is asked in the context of small certified GA aircraft in the US. The TIS-B traffic that is displayed on board is a subset of all the TIS-B traffic in the area. It's often described as ...
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What ICAO codes are reserved for TIS-B use?

Using my ADS-B receiver, In the past few months I've seen a lot of what I think are TIS-B contacts. They seem to cycle through a few different ICAO ID prefixes, but I see a lot that are of the form (...
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