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Questions tagged [thrust]

Questions about the propulsive force of a powered aircraft.

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Can the assumed temperature be lower than the flat rated temperature?

I was playing with reduced takeoff thrust in a Boeing 737-800 simulator yesterday and was surprised that I could enter assumed temperatures below the flat rated temperature of the engines. The ...
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Would the dle 55ra engine be enough to power my paramotor(ducted fan)?

I plan on using the dle 55ra engine to produce 5hp at 8,500 rpm. I am using it in a paramotor, and to save space I am considering using a ducted propeller similar to the Fulcrum power pod. The duct ...
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How much thrust can a balloon generate with wings?

I have heard that some balloons have been made with wings, angled such that they generate some forward thrust during the ascent. Balloons can also theoretically generate thrust with wings during a ...
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What is the specific fuel consumption and cruise thrust of PW1521G engines?

I'm looking for the specific fuel consumption (SFC) and thrust related to PW1521G in cruise regime, as well as the associated assumptions for these ratings. I can't find them online.
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Calculating the Thrust vs RPM Relationship of a Brushless DC Motor

hope everyone is doing okay. I am conducting a project with my friends for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. We are first using MATLAB - Simulink to design and simulate the quadrotor. We completed the ...
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How to calculate turbojet thrust at variable altitudes and mach numbers?

I am interested in developing a flight model in jbsim. jbsim requires a thrust table similar to as follows, with varying mach and altitude numbers (with thrust as a fraction of max): ...
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Compute Thrust from RPM and Induced Velocity

I'm attempting to calculate the difference in thrust in a secondary propeller operating in the wake behind a primary propeller, in the context of a trailing quad-copter following a leading quad-copter ...
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How to determine thrust and power requirements from take-off ground roll distance?

I'm working on a project which requires me to determine the power requirements of a propulsion system from a specific take-off distance. Starting with this equation: $$ s_g\approx \frac{1.21(W/S)}{...
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Can a stopway withstand thrust of B737 engines on takeoff if the aircraft is lined up on the edge of the runway?

Can the thrust of Boeing 737-300 engines break the asphalt surface of a stopway marked with yellow chevrons? Can anyone give a documented reference?
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What is the static thrust of a Piper Arrow III?

I want to find out what's the static thrust of a Piper Arrow III (non-turbo) with Mc Cauley propeller at T/O (max) power as function of the air density. I can't find it in the manual, I know the ...
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