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Levers in the cockpit that control engine thrust

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Why are there two different throttle designs for the 757 and 767?

There is this one, which seems to be the older version. Notice there is a big gap between each lever, except at the top. And this one. Notice there is almost no gap between each lever, making it ...
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How did the Caproni Ca.60 electrical communication system work?

On the wikipedia page for the Ca.60 it says: The two nacelles also housed a cockpit for one flight engineer each, who controlled the power output of the engines in response to the orders given by ...
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Typical maximum airliner throttle settings during taxi

What is the typical maximum throttle setting during taxi of a big airliner, e.g., A350, B777, etc.? Thank you. Fabián
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Are throttleable rocket engines the less efficient the lower the power setting?

Are throttleable rocket engines less efficient the lower the power setting? Logically that would lead to lower pressures in combustion chamber and so lower thermodynamic efficiency. Or is it remedied ...
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