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TFR, or Temporary Flight Restriction is a section of airspace that the FAA has restricted entry into. It is usually issued for airshows and presidential travel.

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Why do TFRs for spacecraft launches have ceilings?

When the FAA issues TFRs for spacecraft launches, such as this recent example the restrictions invariably limit their effect up to a certain altitude which never seems to exceed FL180. This is well ...
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Which airplane is visually crossing the path of the descending Dragon spacecraft on Sept. 18, 2021?

In the recording of the SpaceX live-stream covering the return of the Inspiration4 crew in the Dragon spacecraft one can see an aircraft visually cross path with the capsule at 22:59:58. While the ...
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What is the difference between a published and unpublished TFR?

On this article about Sporting Event TFRs on the Flight Service website, they mention unpublished TFRs: Play Ball! Be Aware of Sporting Event TFRs June 26, 2016 when you ask the specialist for TFRs ...
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How much advance notice does the FAA have to give for a TFR?

I recently heard a story from a friend about a pilot that broke a TFR which was issued after takeoff. This sounds suspicious to me that the pilot had no advance notice of the TFR. Is the FAA able to ...
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Why are TFRs issued around stadiums during games in the U.S.?

I want to know the FAA's reasoning behind issuing TFRs whenever a game is going on in a stadium. Is it just because of a large crowd of people? Do engine noises just bother people? Could an aircraft's ...
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TFR based on an invisible VOR?

A new TFR was recently published, which references the Riverside (RIS) VOR/DME. When I look at the relevant chart in SkyVector, I don't see such a VOR in that area. When I put the ID "RIS" into ...
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Why is a TFR issued when barometric pressure exceeds 31.00 InHg?

Why does a barometric pressure above 31.00 InHg trigger a TFR?
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Does anyone know where I can find old TFRs?

Looking at the FAA TFR site ( I can only view current or future flight restrictions. Does anyone know of a resource where I can find past flight restrictions?
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How do pilots and controllers deal with TFR's that lie directly on an approach?

FDC Notam 4/3621 creates a generic "template" TFR which sits on top of sporting events. This one in Phonenix appears to sit right on one of the business ends of Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) The Notam ...
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Who has authority over stadium TFR exceptions in VFR flight?

I fly in the Bay Area. I sometimes like to fly over SF through the San Francisco Class B. If I am in contact with Norcal Approach and in their airspace, I can ask them for an exception and they can ...
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What is the process for a TFR based on law enforcement activity?

Regarding the recently announced TFR for the Ferguson, MO area, what is the process by which such a TFR is granted? The official reason given is "TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT ...
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What is the procedure for getting permission to operate an aircraft within a pop-up VIP TFR?

Consider a situation where there is a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) due to VIP movement (i.e. the President of the United States is in Los Angeles), and I am based at an airport that is within ...
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What would be the likely repercussions of flying into the Air Force One temporary flight restriction area?

I just saw this video on YouTube where a guy flies his plane into Air Force One's temporary flight restriction. It's very clear that ATC are not amused and that he's caused a good deal of trouble. ...
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Do other countries create the equivalent of a TFR when US VIP's visit?

In the US, there's a TFR everywhere a designated VIP (US president or vice president) is going to be. When (most?) foreign VIPs visit the US, I don't think there are TFRs in place for them (unless the ...
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What special training is required to fly in the Washington DC area?

I remember hearing that special training was required to fly into the Washington DC area and that it didn't really apply to me (maybe it was VFR only?). What is the requirement and what must you do ...
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