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Questions tagged [terminology]

For questions about words, phrases, and definitions that are specific to aviation or used in a different way in aviation. (Questions about standard words, phrases, and abbreviations used by pilots and ATC specifically in radio transmissions should usually use the [phraseology] tag instead.)

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Are the terms "Aircraft Version" and "Aircraft Variant" synonyms?

Related to the answer of the following question: How are evolution and variants of aircraft considered by certification authorities? Are the terms "Aircraft Version" and "Aircraft Variant" synonyms? ...
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What does "representative sample engine" mean for an overhaul extension?

If the PT6 turbo prop engine is required for an extension for overhauling due to operational reasons, the manual has to be searched if the extension is feasible for the company. The company states ...
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What is the difference between flight watch and home reserve?

Can anyone explain the difference between 'flight watch' and 'home reserve' with regards to flight and duty periods. This is in regards to a charter operation, where crew members are on standby at ...
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What does "lower flatness" mean in airfoil terminology?

What does lower flatness mean in these parameters of a Glenn Martin airfoil?
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Does the following sound realistic as callouts during takeoff?

“Set power.” “Power is set.” “80 knots.” “Check.” “Constant power.” “V1.” “Rotate.” “V2.” “Positive rate.” “Gear up.” I am unsure about "Constant power." The original text I am translating ...
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Is there an equation to solve for bank angle using load factor and wing loading as variables? If so, what is it?

The problem is that I'm looking for both wing loading and load factor as variables to solve for bank angle and cannot find any equation that represents this. After searching various websites and not ...
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Which values do "PANS-OPS" and "Standard" labels represent in the minimum table seperately? (minimums, circle-to-land values, aircraft categories...)

What is the difference between these two labels and which values do they represent in the minimum table exactly? ("PANS-OPS" and "Standard") What are the values that Standard and ...
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What is the difference between "origin date" and "departure date"?

In different sources e.g. OAG's API:s (Application Programming Interface), there are both (scheduled) "departure date" and "origin/origination date". In general (so not ...
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What is inflated wind speed?

According to NOAA, inflated wind speed is "the true wind speed (in knots) adjusted to improve forecasts of higher wind speeds. Wind speeds greater than the mean wind speed observed are increased, ...
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What is the ASTERIX terminology for an atomic piece of information?

The ASTERIX standard defines the smallest piece of metadata information: Data Item: The smallest unit of information in each Data Category. And the implementation equivalent: Data Field: ...
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Fly a fixed wing single propeller airplane like a helicopter?

Has anyone tried to "helicopter" an airplane? And succeeded? And posted this video on the internet where I can find it? What I'm talking about with what I would call a "helicopter&...
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