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The intensity of heat found in an object or living thing.

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What is the typical temperature of an airliner's hull during flight?

Some high-speed military aircraft like the SR-71 had real heating problems, but airliners also travel almost at the speed of sound, use most of their fuel to make up for frictional losses, so I would ...
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What are some of the differences between piston engines used in aircraft and automobiles?

What are some of the differences between piston engines used in aircraft and automobiles? It seems aircraft engines are much more expensive, I imagine some of that cost must be due to the more ...
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What sort of issues related to extreme heat (115°F, 46°C plus) would prevent takeoffs or landings?

I recently flew into and out of McCarran Airport Las Vegas (LAS) and a local told me that they never report the air temperature at the airport above 115°F (46°C) because the FAA does not allow ...
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What is the difference between OAT, RAT, TAT, and SAT?

When I first started flying jet aircraft, I found different instruments that measure temperature in different ways and it was quite confusing. What is the difference between Outside Air Temperature,...
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How hot would pressurized air get if the air conditioning failed?

I understand that aircraft are pressurized by pushing air into the cabin using the engines, and using a valve to let the air escape at a controllable rate thus achieving the desired pressure ...
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How do fast-flying aircraft avoid overheating?

As a follow-up question to What is the typical temperature of an airliner's hull during flight? I wonder how very fast airplanes, such as the SR-71 mentioned, avoid overheating with a total air ...
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Why can't Norwegian's Boeing 787 operate from Vegas during hot weather?

In a German news article it was stated that the additional weight (Norwegian puts 291 passengers on their 787-8) leads to operations restrictions in Las Vegas when temperature conditions exceed 40°C. ...
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How are temperature differences handled in a jet engine?

Given the graph in this answer, the temperature are quite high inside a jet-engine, even greater that many metal's melting point. I understand high core temperature are efficient. A jet engine is ...
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How do aircraft keep fuel from freezing while in flight?

On aircraft which fly above 30,000 feet, the temperature can often can get to temperatures below Jet-A's freezing point. For example: at 36,000 feet the standard outside air temperature is -56.5°C (-...
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Is the altimeter setting corrected for temperature?

In an ATIS or AWOS/ASOS recording, is the reported altimeter setting corrected for temperature? I think it must be, because on a hot day, the altimeter should still show correct field elevation. If ...
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How is pressure related to air density?

This is confusing to me: Since pressure increases with temperature (I don't know why), how can air density decrease with temperature. In a hot day then pressure would increase and air density ...
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What is the average temperature in the luggage hold of a passenger plane? [closed]

I am asking this seemingly odd question, as we'll have to transport some medicine in our luggage and it's supposed to be stored at temperatures between -8C and <...
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18 votes
2 answers

What is the reason for setting flaps 1 on the ground at high temperatures?

Yesterday I've seen an A320 standing at the gate with flaps 1. While this question answers, why the flaps should be up, is there any reason to retract the flaps to 1 instead of up? In addition it ...
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Does Nitrogen inside commercial airliner wheels prevent blowouts on touchdown?

I just watched the first episode of Inside Mighty Machine where civil engineer-turned-host, Chad Zdenek, discussed innovations of the 747. One innovation he discussed was the increased number of ...
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How much aerodynamic heating do jetliners endure?

At cruise altitude (~ 33,000 ft) and cruise airspeed (~ 500 mph) how much do present-day airliners heat up due to air friction during their journey? Probably not much because there's still ice on the ...
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Why was the SR-71 made of titanium?

The temperature of the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird's fuselage never exceeded 500 Celsius, which, to my knowledge, would be perfectly tolerated by stainless steel. So, why titanium?
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What appears on EGT Gauge if the mixture is rich or lean?

I have some questions on interpreting Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) readings. Can you give me some input on: What appears on EGT Gauge if the mixture is lean or rich? what is the normal range, ...
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What is the operating temperature of a turbofan engine, and how is it kept at that temperature?

What is the operating temperature of a turbofan engine? If advancements were made to materials through material science for the internal components would increasing the operating temperature result in ...
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Can heated air be provided in the cabin in commercial airlines?

Having travelled quite a number of times, there are times, when the cabin becomes a bit too cold, or people with certain condition get shivering quickly. In such circumstances and generally, is it ...
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Why does the temperature rise in the boundary layer after a shock wave?

Is it because the BL thickens after the shock so the drag increases, causing a increased friction? Here M=0.82 far from the airfoil, the picture represents the static temperature in Kelvins around the ...
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What is the temperature of intake air at several speed of sound intervals from 1x to 10x?

I watched a YouTube movie about Reaction Engines development of the Sabre engine which main feature is cooling intake air. However, I cannot find an overview of the temperature of intake air at ...
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Is there a maximum or minimum temperature for take-off and landing?

Is there a maximum or minimum temperature that a plane can take off or land at?
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What is the relationship between fuel mixture, throttle setting and engine temperature?

I'm trying to understand the relationship between mixture, throttle, and engine temp. In this article from AOPA, it states ... a lean mixture of 16 to 1 is not going to burn as hot as a rich mixture ...
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