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TAM Airlines Flight 3054 was a scheduled passenger flight between Porto Alegre-São Paulo. On Tuesday, July 17, 2007, the Airbus A320-233 airliner overran the runway at São Paulo and crashed into a nearby TAM Express warehouse adjacent to a Shell filling station. It remains the deadliest aviation accident involving an A320.

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Has the infamous Sao Paulo runway been made longer or replaced meanwhile?

The TAM 3054 accident occured because the pilots were stressed by the fact they needed to land on a not-so-long runway where an incident occured a day before. This stress has lead the pilots to forget ...
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What's the exact moment were the spoilers are supposed to be deployed on a A320?

Are they deployed when the levers are pulled back to 'IDLE' or only when pulled back to 'Reverse'? I still can't figure out, 12 years after, why flight TAM JJ3054 crashed into a gas station and a ...
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Why did the crashed TAM Airlines Flight 3054 veer off the runway only near the end?

For the accident, why did the aircraft veer off the runway near the end of the runway, instead of the moment it touched down (where the left engine went into reverse thrust and the right engine ...
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A320 procedures for one thrust reverser inoperative; why is the old procedure more efficient?

I recently watched the Mayday series about TAM Airline Flight 3054. Landing on a short runway with only one thrust reverser in use, and the documentary explained something like: The old Airbus ...
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