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When was TACAN (or DME?) Y mode introduced?

If I understand correctly, originally DME and the equivalent distance measurement aspect of TACAN had only the "X" channels where the pulse pairs are 12 μs apart, and later the "Y" ...
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Can an IFR civilian aircraft use a TACAN for DME distances? [duplicate]

Flying the KRDR LOC RWY 35 approach. How do I get my DME distance to HONNE or CANLI? can we pick up DME distance from a TACAN? Just used GPS Overlay but can we get distance from the TACAN?
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Why do IFR charts show TACAN paired frequencies when there is no collocated VOR?

The image below shows a low IFR chart with a VORTAC on the right and a TACAN on the left. I understand the VORTAC is labelled with both VOR frequency and TACAN channel so that a civilian user could ...
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If the VOR works and the TACAN works, why doesn’t the VORTAC work?

Here is the transcript of the CVR of the Itavia Flight 870 (Ustica Massacre), but some communications have been omitted; I’ll use this site: http://www....
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How does a TACAN signal change with bearing from the station?

In the TACAN system , how does a change in bearing , would translate to a change in the time (or frequency) domain. I'll try to elaborate: I'm aware , of the TACAN operation in general. let's say ...
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